What are analog Watches and How it’s Working?


A watch is a timepiece that is designed to wear by a person. We all are familiar with different types and brands of watches, but some peoples have a curious mind and they have different questions in their minds. Like why watches are invented?  what was the intention behind the invention of watches?

History is the witness of the people’s interest in the observation of time. As time passes interest of people leads to build a device that can measure time because time is an important factor of human life, through time people can measure the difference and duration of events. For that purpose, the watch was designed in the 17th century. Watch is a developed form of the spring-powered clock there are three types of watches; analog watches, digital watches, and Smart Watches.

Analog Watches

Analog watches show time in analog form. It uses moving hands to display time to the users. It uses energy to move certain parts of the watch to maintain current time.

Main Features of Watch


It is a way to keep time, correct according to time. Watches get energy from sources and keep track of time.


From where watch gets the energy to move different parts of watch to keep time accurate. Some watches get energy from gravity as it is worn by Person so when he/she move his/her hand energy generates which helps to maintain time, and some watches use energy from the battery which can be changed.


How watch displays the present time. In analog watches hands are connected through gear which moves by getting energy from source to maintain time with the passage of time. Watches get energy from the source to display time to users by maintain it with the passage of time.

How does the analog watches work?

Numbers are mounted in round shape from one to twelve which shows hours and between each number, there are four marks, which shows minute.

There are three hands, hour hand, minute hand and second hand which is mounted in the center of the watch and is connected through gear.

The hour hand is larger than minute hand and shows the hour and moves to next hour mark on completion of one round of a minute hand, while the minute hand is shorter than hour hand and moves from one-minute mark to other minute marks by completing one round of second hand.

A specific vibration is created by getting a voltage of energy from the source, with this vibration gear vibrates and move a second hand and with the movement of second hand, minute and hour hand moves respectively.

Benefits of analog watches

Analog watches are universal. Analog display of watches is most famous and is most preferred by peoples because time reading is easy than a digital display. One can easily read time by observing hour, minute and second hands. Time can easily change even if worn on the wrist without removing it.

Analog watches are also sold in the form of jewelry. Verity of Analog Watches is available with different styles and with different kinds of hands, dials, and shapes.