Senate body to take up cases of Pakistanis jailed abroad

ISLAMABAD:Senate Human Rights Function Committee will discuss the Pakistanis struggle in foreign jails.

Thousands of people need legal assistance.

Last month, the case of Pakistani citizens was discussed in the custody of Senate Middle East countries.

The Senate also discussed the case of 594 Pakistanis in Indian jails. However, in the last five years, Indian authorities have released 420 Pakistanis.

Hundreds of Indians find themselves in similar situations in Pakistan. There are about 471 Indian citizens in Pakistani jails, but in the past five years, the country released 1,799 prisoners and sent them to India.

Pakistani number of prisoners in the Arab countries is 6,450. In Saudi Arabia, the prisoners are imprisoned (2,970). The next UAE has 2,600 prisoners. There are 657 Pakistani prisoners in Oman, 128 in Bahrain, Qatar 54, 38 in Kuwait and 3 in Yemen.

According to the Foreign Ministry, mission officials from these countries regularly visit the jails and meet the prisoners, help them to connect with their Pakistani families. Mission and Prison officials contacted the prisoners in connection with this issue.



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