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Chinese building projects narrowing economic gaps

The launch of China’s “Belt and Road” has raised complaints about debt problems and neutrality about the discipline of the Beijing government from India to Russia from Russia. But in Virginia, led by William and Mary College, Eddie DATA’s research has achieved positive results.
In 2000-14, studying 3,485 projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and 138 countries in the Middle East has shown that they achieved more fair dividend of economic activity by improving employment and market accessibility.

AidData’s  executive director Bradley C. Parks told in an email that western authorities and politicians often claim that Beijing is a bereavement, selfish or evil actor. But with the help of spreading the economic activity as much as possible, “Beijing’s investment has solved one of the main reasons for global instability, to make other Western threats to the West West and to cope with the crisis. . ”

The report stressed that it only focuses on an aspect of Chinese finance.

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