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CPNE warned the government against introduce new media laws

On Wednesday, Fawad Chaudhry, Minister of Federal News, pointed out in the formation of “Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority” to replace Pimera (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) and Press Council.
In a joint statement issued on Thursday, Arif Nizami CPNE president , senior vice presidents Imtinan Shahid and Secretary General Jabbar Khattak said that CPNE is a federal struggle for the long-term struggle of the press regulations. The result is civil society and political workers.
He said that no civil society believes that there is a good procession against media.
The CPNE’s clear position is that there is no need for a specific media law because the media should be organizational through the general law.
CPN leaders said that due to various functions, issues and effects of electronic, electronic and media media, it is impossible to create a law for three types.
They added that no action based on media regulators controlling the media will not receive the country’s acceptance and support.
“CPNE believes that the environment of media freedom is needed, but before any legal legislation, it is necessary to consult with its acquisition. If the 18th amendment states the subject matter of information It will be better if given, further added”

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