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Facebook suspends hundreds of apps over data concerns


San Francisco: On Wednesday, Facebook said it has suspended more than 400 applications that have been investigating personal information being mis-shared.

Ime Archibong, vice president of product partnerships said in a blog post “The application pauses because of the developers who are worried about making them or how they choose to share information with the application”.

According to Archibong, apps are being closely monitored on social networks.

Facebook app launched in March came from the data privacy scam of the Cambridge analysis.

Facebook acknowledges that there are as many as 87 million users whose data has been kidnapped by Cambridge analysts, and the analysis is working for President Donald Trump 2016.

Archibong said that  myPersonality  application prohibits the association from conducting social network checks, “because it is clear that sharing information with researchers is only a limited protection for the company.” ”

According to Archibong, Facebook has planned to inform about 4 million members of the social network, which shares information at myPersonality app, which was the most active in 2012.

Since the Cambridge analysis scandal, Facebook has edited the database strategy for the application.

Archibong said: “We will continue to investigate the application and ensure that the necessary changes are made on our platform to ensure we can protect everyone’s information.”

British data regulators said last month that Facebook Facebook would be able to get half a pound of data that failed to protect the user, as part of a study in which personal information was abused before the referendum.

Due to improper data processing in the Cambridge Analyst, the Information Commissioner Office started investigating the social media wall at the beginning of this year.

Cambridge analysts rejected this allegation and claimed bankruptcy in the United States and Britain.

A Silicon Valley based company Facebook, recognizing the last month that it encountered numerous inquiry from the regulators about the Cambridge Analyst User Data Scandal.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized to the European Parliament in May and said that social media giant is taking steps to prevent such violations again.

Zuckerberg expressed dissatisfaction with the US Congress breaches in April.

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