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LNG deal to be made public


ISLAMABAD: Oil Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said on Friday that the agreement of LNG with Qatar will be done by the people and it will be fairly examined by experts.

In the first press conference after all relevant departments and company statements of the Ministry of Petroleum, the Minister said the country’s fuel pricing mechanism was wrong because diesel gasoline should be cheaper.

The sarwar said serious allegations against the liquid-linked natural gas (LNG) agreement were made. He said that despite the public pressure and long-term privacy, the reports have become stronger. “He emphasized that the new government believes in transparency and is responsible for all decisions.

The Minister said the oil pricing formula is “defective” and promises to improve

“We will put details of this agreement on the oil ministry’s website and examine the contract with the experts whether it is fair to the country or not,” he added. “There is no reason to maintain LNG’s import documents from Qatar secret. ”

LNG import is controversial to deal with energy shortages. The PPP government’s plan to complete a long-term agreement in this regard has become a victim of allegations and legal consent from 2008-13. However, the previous PML-N government was able to enter a long-term agreement with Qatar in 2016, but the details of this agreement were not associated with relevant government agencies.

Instead, after the oil, Shahid Khan Abubakar, who later became the Prime Minister, had defended the privacy that the purchase of LNG Pakistan from Qatar will sell to other countries because Pakistan has discussed the cheapest prices for this item.

At the same time, while talking to the media, the server also talked about Turkmenistan importing natural gas through pipelines. He said Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline work was rapidly sharp.

However, he added that Iran and Pakistan gas pipelines are not likely to cause any additional restrictions and due to other political issues this problem is serious. He expressed his views that Iranian will not file a case in the Pakistan International Court of Justice.

Oil Minister said that the government will improve prices of petroleum products. He recalled that in 2004 diesel was cheaper than gasoline.

The Minister said that the price of petrol and diesel will be fixed according to the ratio of international market, and tax will be done on this basis. He added that there will be a special briefing with Oil and Gas Authority (OGRA) on this issue.

The sarwar also announced that Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) has searched for natural gas in Sanghar, Sindh, which produces 23 mmcfd of natural gas and 91 barrels per day crude oil.

He said that Pakistan currently relies on 85pc petroleum products and only produces 15pc of total. He added that the focus will be on increasing oil and gas production.

“There will be the top challenge in the improvement of local production and reducing imports,” he added. He further said that oil and gas development corporation (OGDCL) should play an important role in this regard.


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