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Pakistani-born academic becomes Australia’s first Muslim female Senator


Once, Australia fell into racial discrimination.According to the BBC, Pakistani born Marilyn Faruqi became the first Muslim female member deployed in the Australian Senate.

The members of the New South Wales Green Party were chosen Wednesday to fill security personnel vacant. Ms Faruqi told the BBC that he would use his new role as a center to fight for Australia’s positive future, and our diversity is strong. ”

Dr. Faruqi moved Pakistan from Australia  with his young family in 1992. According to the BBC, before entering politics, they have a wonderful breakthrough in Academia and PhD in environmental engineering.

In 1992 Mehreen and her family moved to Australia .

This is the second milestone for the leader because the 2013 state legislature election became the first Muslim woman in Australia’s political position.

In a speech at the  NSW Council on Tuesday, she spoke of intense toxicity, racism and sexual abuse as a member of Parliament. “No, because I am doing something. But from who I am, where I am from, and my skin color.”

The BBC has published an article from Ms Faruqi’s in which she wrote: “I can stand on the Bandy coast, supply a souvenir in Akubra, and I can wear a South cross tattoo on the Australian flag. For some people, I still have Australia Will not be enough. ”

Ms. Faruqi said that she encouraged Canberra to bring “the most important diversity” and hoped that her presence would not promote non-white Australians.

“The truth is that our federal parliament does not see things like the streets and population of Australia. Slowly, things do change,” she quoted.

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