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PPP baulks at backing PML-N ‘hardliner’ as Punjab CM

The PPP’s leadership led by former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that the party would not support our candidates if they were hawk.
While demanding a nominee, he said that he is advised to select a candidate who can be accepted by all and suggested that instead of Hamza Shahbaz or any other hardliner, for the leading slot of provincial chief executive a person should be nominated like  Punjabi speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal.
“We were pointed out that Rana Muhammad Iqbal also encouraged by some of Rajput clan from the Competitor parties”
The PPP leader in Southern Punjab has accepted his suggestion, but only because of good faith.
The PMP-N and PML-N 130 have six MPA seats. According to latter, many of the 28 independent organizations selected by the Punjab Parliament have confirmed their support for PPP.
Before joining the independent parties, the PTI had 122 representatives in the Punjab Parliament.

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