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Plane crashes in Puget Sound after airline employee stole aircraft at Sea-Tac airport

On Friday night, an airplane crashed “unauthorized” at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The plane was taken during “maintenance” and is not intended for passenger flight, the aircraft continues to fly.

It happened in an hour.

According to the head of Pierce, it happened on the island of Ketron.

The preliminary report of the Sheriff’s Office stated that the incident occurred after the mechanical theft, which caused the incident by impacting the air or lack of skills.

The Sheriff’s Division announced two F-15 escort aircraft but did not participate in the accident.

Leam Morse took a video from her flight to her home.

“I went to the garden and heard the plane. They saw a plane and told me to answer my calls and records,” she said.

The Pierce County Foreign Ministry again issued a tweet saying the pilot was a 29-year-old man.

They also stressed that this is not a terrorist incident.

Alaska Airlines previous control station, frequent travel, from the group has been postponed the problem looka response

Ground stops require all aircraft to meet certain ground requirements.

According to the National Lacan Association, they are deployed in areas controlled by the ship “safe havens of other aircraft in the system”.

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