Islamabad police nab suspects involved in F-9 park rape case


ISLAMABAD:  The Islamabad Capital Region (ICT) police station said on Wednesday that in the gang-rape of  a girl inside F-9 park in center of the federal capital, all suspects, including two CDAs involved in violence are arrested.

According to police, the crime is confessed by the defendant included private company’s two guards.

On Wednesday the capital’s police , shared from their Twitter account,  that in the FIR the defendant named by the girl have been arrested.

According to a reporter, the two suspects have been confirmed as Shairaz Kiani, baghban, and Murad Khan, security guards at the park.

On Tuesday, a 22-year-old girl submitted a FIR against CDA official and others at the Margalla Police Station on August 2, for extortion and rapping her into a park.

According to the FIR, the victim and a boywas  at F 9 Park harassed by a man as he approached her and claim to belong to the CDA.

The girl told the police in her complaint that three CDA personnel (one of the guards) had took her aside and one of them had Sexual abuse her. She left to ask for help, but the other did not do anything. After that, the official left the girl at a nearby metro station and threatened to tell anyone, otherwise she would be killed.

The girl allegedly attacked said that these days were shocked and she finally planned to meet with the Margalla police and appeal to the executives.

The victim added that the case has been registered in the case so that no other other woman can suffer for monsters and the criminals will be punished for their crimes.


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