Notices issued on father’s plea for transfer of Naqeeb murder case

In a Malir locality on Jan 13  before the ATC-II the SSP Malir and his subordinates has been facing trial for killing Naqeebullah Mehsud .

He also accused the defendant of being suspected of involvement in explosives and illegal weapons.

Naqeeb’s father, Mohammad Khan, told his lawyer, Faisal Siddiqui, and added that he had no confidence in the ATC-2 judges who heard the two cases.

He stated that the court of first instance allegedly benefited the suspect from accepting the opposition order and confirmed that they believed that the trial was proved by the chief justice of the judge and the non-trial during the trial. Will not be executed fairly.

The petitioner also requested a petition. The trial court has already biased Rao Anwar and his subordinates, and after clear clarification, the president will consider the applicant’s written objection. Unable to approve any order.

He insisted that by listening to bail applications, one of the principles of the court should not be deeply avoided.



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