Court moved for removal of ‘N’ from PML-N

Khanzada Ajmal Zeb says that  ‘N’  represent the Deputy Prime Minister of PML-N and after punishing the former Prime Minister for corruption, the NCP should be asked by the court to remove ‘N”‘ from PML-N.
The respondents in the petition were the Chief Electoral Commissioner, ECP Secretary and Nawaz Sharif.
Applicant said that the leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the head of the Muslim League, whose goal is the party’s good governance, development and national interests.
He said that Nawaz Sharif was responsible for the split of the Muslim League (N) because he arrested the party before the establishment of the party PML-N and registered it with the ECP.
The applicant stated that the former prime minister recently sentenced the criminal court to 10 years in prison.
He said that the Supreme Court rejected the Sharif government’s declaration of life and announced that he did not fulfill the provisions of Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.
The applicant stated that the former PML-N using the PML-N name misled the masses and therefore needed to remove the “N” from the Muslim League.


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