Imran Khan officially named as PTI nominee for PM amid consensus and applause

On MondayPakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s parliamentary committee  officially named Imran Khan party chairman  as their leader of parliament  and nominee for the next prime minister of Pakistan,

Senior party leader Dr Arif Alvi said, “Imran Khan’s name will be justified”. Members of the 120 Parliamentary Committee agree on it. ”

He further stated that the final decision of the cabinet members will be borne by Imran Khan himself.

When the core team began, Qureshi proposed a resolution in favor of Khan being nominated to become the party’s parliamentary leader. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

After nominating Khan as Chief Minister, all members of the Parliamentary Committee congratulated the party secretary.

Imran Khan’s speech

After formal verification of his nomination, Khan pointed out the leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The Prime Minister-in-waiting said: “Today, I have the greatest chance of responsibility.” “Today, the first phase of the 22-year struggle has ended. Today, God has given you a moral victory.”

According to sources, Alvi is the main candidate for the next National Assembly Speaker. However, Vice President Shah Mehmood Qureshi is also considered to be this role.

According to sources, Imran Ismail will become the governor of Sindh.

The meeting of the Parliamentary Committee of PTI is in a hotel in Islamabad today. The chairman of the PTI left the Bangladesha residence for the first time after his party’s victory in the last general election last week.

Despite Khan’s clear instructions and refusal to travel using the extended protocol, many cars and heavy security mark them.

Khan Khan spokesman Naeem ul Haq said: “Imran Khan has always opposed security protocols and VIP culture.” But this is the agreement the government gave them PM. We only look for four cars. “


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