PIA to bring back stranded SAI passengers from China

KARACHI: Pakistan International Airlines finally began to rescue Pakistani passengers, who are stuck in China after July 29 due to the withdrawal of Chenen Air International flow, As PIA is expected to send China to its aircraft on Sunday.

However, he said that India should be allowed to maximize its territory because the PIA does not serve Guangzhou. In addition, as the PIA’s Hajj operation continues, there will be challenges in laying aircraft for special flights.

Earlier, SAI had contacted the PIA so that passengers could go home. SAI on behalf of Zoheb Hassan said: “The SAI asked the PIA to return the trader to the commercial terms, but we still look forward to the PIA’s response.”

The CAA has allowed the SI to send its aircraft to withdraw the stranded passengers. But when the SAI was about to fly, the CAA inspector found the SAI aircraft to be wrong. CAA spokesperson Pervez George said “it was not allowed to send aircraft for “technical reasons.”

SAI requires the PIA to bring the passenger back when it is unable to arrange any other aircraft.

Except to the Hajj flights, CAA also suspended the operation of the SAI’s flight on the non-payment of over Rs 1 crore to the authority.

The SAI was providing hotel accommodation and food to the stranded passengers, A representative of the airline said that although many passengers have been refunded.


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