US slams Russia over work permits for North Korean labourers


US Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Friday that Russia violated the UN’s UN sanctions because the new work released “reliable” and “deep difficulties” to thousands of North Korean workers.

Haley said in a statement ” Talk is cheap, Russia can not support sanctions with their words in the Security Council only to violate them against their actions”.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Russia’s North Korean workers are a source of harsh currency earnings for moneyhyang, entering the country to earn the wages.

The UN Security Council has prevented the government from issuing new work permits for North Korean workers, and in December, the current agreement will end in 2019.

“In a reliable report in Russia, it is very difficult to violate the UN Security Council resolution on foreign work in North Korea,” Haley said.

Last month, Russia and China banned the United States after holding the United States six months to stop all the oil products of North Korea.

Haley said that we can not fully confirm North Korea as long as we see it.

The Wall Street Journal has reviewed the records of the Russian Interior Ministry that more than 10,000 new workers registered after this ban in Russia, and released more than 700 new work this year. Have gone

Russia’s official records also show that some Russian companies serving North Korean can be included in joint ventures, which are bound to resolve the UN sanctions due to sanctions.

According to the US State Department, in recent years, about 100,000 Koreans have worked overseas, and Kim Jong earns $2 billion a year for his government.

As of the end of 2017, 24,000 North Korea officially started work in Russia, while China received thousands of workers from North Korea.


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