At this time, the “late file” was recovered from the garbage dump in Peshawar.



According to report, the ballot was used on July 25 in the general election in the sudden area of Peshawar.

It is reported that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz  symbol lion was stamped in  majority of recovered ballot papers

The PML-N’s Zahir Khan candidate from PK-70 claimed that their support has been made in that votes.However, the authenticity of the video that was broadcast on social media could not be verified, which showed the recovery of the file.

The close-up on the ballot shows that there is no official seal on it, indicating that the voting officer did not issue a formal seal on election day.

PT -70 (PESHAWAR-V) is the same constituency, and Kuomintang candidate Khushdil Khan was elected after re-counting by returning officers, resulting in the former provincial governor of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, was defeated by 187 votes.

In the July 25th election, 150 bullets were used, which was found in the government boy school class in the Gizri area of Karachi – which marked the symbol of the PPP symbol.

Earlier this week, scores of bullet papers was found garbage dump in the Abad area of Karachi.


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