Muqam appears before NAB, rejects corruption charges



PESHAWAR: Pakistani Muslim League – Nawaz Sharif Governor Amir Muqam appears in front of a non-responsible bureaucrat, claiming that he will prepare all relevant records and prove that he is not guilty of crimes.

He told reporters that he received a performance to provide details of his source of income.

“Since 1989, I have been linked to the long-term construction business and have significant assets of billions of rupees. he said I will provide detailed information on assets and details of all my projects to NAB before the 15 days of appointment.”

Their assets are an incredible source of income, and the Muslim League-N leaders said they believe that all accountability of the accountability system will explain the allegations of riots.

They are said to be required to record income and assets record in 15 days.

He said that NAB had called him twice in the case, but he did not appear before the investigation campaign because of Election.

Mr. Muqam also accused the post of Tehreek-e-Insaf in Pakistan on July 25.

He said that most parties refused the election in the crowd.

The leader of the Muslim League (N) said that his opponent only beat him with 49 votes, but in the P4 4 Swat constituency, four bags disappeared in mysterious circumstances, so the election fair question.

He said the Election Commission was accused of being accused of missing the ballot box.

“It is not clear whether the voting bag was thrown in the Swat River or left in another place. He said that this issue hindered the voting regulation in the electoral circle.

Despite the achievement of 2.8 million votes in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, how did Mr Muqam gain power despite having ruled PTI in the past five years?

He said that the PTI ministers were extremely incredible and failed to start mega development schemes in the province.

INQUIRY OKAYED: NAB decided to investigate allegations of bribery gardens, Nowshera, riots and corruption allegations.

The owner of Khalal Bagh was accused of fraud in the name of the Khwaja housing plan.

According to a statement released on Thursday, Director General Farmanullah Khan approved the investigation at the NAB Regional Committee meeting.

The meeting included the NAB Director, the Deputy Attorney General, the case officer and the relevant investigating officer.

The Board of Directors again investigated the officials of the Peshawar Development Authority and was responsible for allegations of corruption and corruption.

The authorities allegedly accused them of illegally illegally holding roads around colored roads from the blue-eyed contractor in Peshawar on the road to war.

The Board approved the reference to FATA Development Bureau officials regarding alleged corruption in the purchase and distribution of sewing machines in tribal areas.


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