RTS controversy likely to haunt ECP, Nadra for long

PESHAWAR: At 11:47 on July 11th, it went smoothly. After the election, the Election Commission (ECP), the Office of the Recommended Officials (RO), and the expected speed will face the results of the polling day. The National Pakistani Pakistani TV station, through the newly developed National Item Transmission System (RSS), is cheap when all sudden processes occur.


As the flow of results suddenly stops, there is confusion everywhere, and no one knows where the problem lies. This is a polling station that is suspected of illegal.

Then ECP secretary Babar Yaqoob Fateh Mohammad appeared on the TV screen after midnight to inform the country that RTS was “fallen.” He announced that ECC is resuming the traditional way of manually hardening results, so there may be significant delays in the release of illegal results.

RTS Mobile App Creator – Protested with senior RTS, senior officials and senior officials of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), “completed since the “RTS”. Active” Controversial press release at the ECP Secretary After the meeting.


Nadra officials also showed the general transmission results to the “computer log” secretary through the system. But only ECP officials told him that he decided to stop using RTS because he “started to destroy.”

Nadra’s source said: “This is the best national interest to avoid any controversy,” Nadada tended to not respond to the news media. ”

He told Dawn that if the Nadra authorities responded to the controversial statement of the ECP Secretary-General, he may have increased the political situation and the media has already had a dispute between the two agencies.

According to sources, around 11:47 pm, the relevant presidential officials and RTS were informed by the Presidential Election Commission that they encountered “problems” in the system.

The source said that the Nadra authorities were not aware of all the wrong funds, but they thought it might be that ECP’s own expensive management system (RMS) had stopped working and the ECP  just accused Nadella. up. He said that RTS and RMS are independent systems and there is no integration between the two.

Nadra got nearly 50pc results through RTS

According to the source, more than 170,000 polling station (45) forms will be received from more than 170,000 polling stations in the national and provincial council constituencies, media and media. He added that Nadra has achieved more than 84,000 (about 50%) through RTS.

It is reported that RTS has never had an accident. According to the source, Nadra did not have any remaining results because President Bashir Ahmed Khan stopped using RSS after using the instructions of the CEO. He also said that the Office of the President has received instructions from the President in order to continue his travels.

According to sources, the development of the Nadra authorities is underway because Nadra developed the system and provided additional assistance in February 2018 under an agreement with the committee. “No mention.” In the 2018 election law, according to sources in 2017, the media has nothing to do with the official announcement. The source explained. According to sources, the media means that the media can quickly publish media results, so the link is provided to PTV.


The offline software is installed in the RMS off-road of the computer, which also has a trained data entry operator. The “Radio Rules” form receives results from 45 officials, with the largest number of difficult copies and operators being entered into the RMS results. After receiving the results of all polling stations, RSM has been instructed to make Form 47, which is the overall result of the circle. This form is uploaded to its website for repair via ECP.

However, RTS is a complete system, meaning that the ECP Secretariat was transferred to the polling station using Form 45 and a smartphone, and approximately 170,000 PS and other personnel were transferred in the mobile app in July. It has been trained to use.

Article 13 of the Electoral Code states: “The Commission will establish a transparent results-based management system on the Commission’s publications and on the Commission’s website for the publication, production, compilation, broadcasting, distribution and publication of publications.”

It can also be said that “a snapshot of the results of the PO should be taken immediately, and once the connection is available and applicable, the electronic committee is sent before the initial transmission according to section 90. Then sent to the RO.”


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