Imran Khan First Speech after Election 2018 || A full copy of the victory speech by the President of PTI and the former candidate for the elections, addressing the nation of the capital



When I came to politics, I hope that Pakistan will become a country that the leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah wants.

This choice is Pakistan’s historical choice. In this election, people have sacrificed a lot.

Terrorism exists in this election. I am especially grateful to the people of Balochistan for having to face these problems. I want to thank all of them for the way they vote.

I watched this scene on TV because he issued a heated vote for the elderly and the disabled, and the Pakistanis voted on the road… I want to admire them because they have strengthened our democracy.

In the campaign, Ikram Gandapur [candidate] suicide bomber was killed. Haraon Bilour [another candidate] was killed in a suicide attack. However, this election process has been completed.

I want to thank the security forces… I want to thank all my party members, where we attacked 10 places thank God, we have succeeded and gained authorization.

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