Adil Rashid will be played for England in the first game against India at Adil Rashid will be played for England in the first game against India at Edgbaston

Adil Rashid will play England’s only spinner in the first match against India in Edgbaston, and Moeen Ali is missing.

Rashid will have controversial memories of the first cricket in Yorkshire before the 2018 season, and he will make the 11th test in England and make his debut.

Michael Vaughan describes the call of Rashid – the last time he held a red ball game in September – as “behind the country cricket player”, and Jeffrey Geoffrey Boycott said that the leg rotator behaves like a “spoiled child” Vaughan’s remarks “stupid.”
Rashid has won 38 wickets in his 10 Tests, the average of 42.78, out of which 23 sculps 2016 appeared in five games in India, and visitors in one series defeated 4-0.

Last week, Ali finished in the New Zealand final and it was dropped from two-Test series against Pakistan before the summer.

However, the England team retained Syrians relayed Simran, who replaced Ben Steve, who was injured in the first match in the match against Pakistan in Hedley. Men’s Trial in the National Team’s 1000 seats

England’s captain Joe Ruth said: “Rashid used to remember the wonderful ball behind the ball.” He said: “I agree with this choice.


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